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By W. T. Fernie

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These elements are coagulated by heat, and therefore have to be excluded from liquid extracts of beef made to be kept. Raw meat pulp is to be obtained by scraping the soft muscle constituents from the fibre— not by mincing the meat. This, and raw meat juice, contain a large amount of proteid (an element essential for * recruiting the strength), which is used up more readily than the proteid of milk. For obtaining a solution rich in albumen and meat salts (but which must be always freshly prepared), cold water should be added to the best rump steak, minced finely, one ounce of water to four ounces of meat.

Débove, of Paris, has suggested forced feeding with powdered raw meat for consumptive patients who have lost all appetite. He discovered by accident that if, under these circumstances—when food taken in the ordinary way would excite disgust, and be rejected by vomiting —this food is introduced into the stomach through a tube passed down the gullet, it will be retained, and digested, even in large quantities. As the results of such " sur-alimentation " the cough and expectoration were lessened, the night-sweats ceased, the strength and weight were increased, and a marked improvement took place in all the physical symptoms.

It may be taken in moderate doses beneficially for hysteria, epilepsy, chronic rheumatism, paralysis, and to expel tapeworm. When given more largely it produces the effects of a remote narcotic. From five to ten drops excite a sense of warmth in the abdomen, making the pulse more frequent and stronger, whilst increasing the sweat and urine. The oil may be mixed with powdered sugar, or with spirit of ether. Applied externally it is an energetic stimulant, and has therefore been employed against gangrene, as well as for indolent bruises and cramp.

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