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By Gretel H. Schueller

Migration is without doubt one of the so much interesting and dramatic of all animal behaviors. From bugs and birds to reindeer and vast whales, many animals fly, swim, stroll, or even hitchhike looking for larger nutrition, milder weather, or compatible mate. a few pass complete oceans; a number of even circle the globe. those marathon trips animals take are jam-packed with nice checks of actual power and endurance--as good as possibility and occasionally dying. In Animal Migration, research why animals are pressured emigrate and some of the styles and cycles in their migrations.

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Instead, their migration happens every day. They 30 swimmers GETTING E-MAIL FROM A SHARK seeing the migration of an underwater species is tricky. in April 2005, however, the water off the coast of southern florida was so clear that people could watch hundreds of blacktip sharks and spinner sharks on their annual spring migration north to north carolina. some of the sharks were only 10 feet offshore. this vivid view of underwater migration is rare. fish and whales can be tagged, similar to banding birds.

Along the way, they did everything they could to disorient the lobsters. they transported them in swinging, covered containers on circular routes in trucks. they stuck magnets on the containers and covered the lobster’s eyes. still, once the lobsters arrived, they started moving toward home. it seems they can sense earth’s magnetic field. when the researchers created fake fields around them that were only a bit different from the real ones, the lobsters would change their direction in response to the fake fields.

Instead of searching for lichens, the caribou feast on grassy plants and mushrooms. They also are safe from wolves. Because the ground is permanently frozen on the tundra, wolves can’t make dens for their pups. With food and safety, thousands of caribou give birth. Caribou milk is the richest of all land mammals, and the calves grow quickly. Like the wildebeest, caribou calves are able to run when they are only a few days old. Though they have plenty of food and few, if any, predators, the caribou face a new hardship: insects.

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