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By Bill Gunston

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The Politics of Deregulation

The authors pay attention to 3 situations of deregulation: airways, trucking, and telecommunications. They locate very important similarities one of the circumstances and talk about the consequences of those findings for 2 broader subject matters: the function that monetary research has performed in coverage switch, and the means of the yank political approach for transcending slender pursuits.

My Life on Mountain Railroads

In 1917, Gilbert Gould completed his dream to be an engineer, and started working engines for the Denver & Rio Grande and later for the Utah Railway. He used to be a traditional storyteller, and his reminiscences are unique and traditionally worthwhile.

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This system trigger pulse or that from the trigger pulse generator circuit when the chart is switched off, has three functions: ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ to initiate the pulse timing circuit to operate the blanking pulse generator to synchronize the digital and processing circuits. The transmit timing circuit sets the pulse length to trigger the 24 kHz oscillator (transmission frequency). Pulse length is increased, when the deep range is changed, by a range switch (not shown). Power contained in the transmitted signal is produced by the power amplifier stage, the output of which is coupled to the magnetostrictive transducer with the neon indicating transmission.

Digital circuits The digital display section contains the necessary logic to drive the integral three-digit depth display, the alarm circuit, and the remote indicators. Pulse repetition frequency (PRF) of the clock oscillator is pre-set so that the time taken for the three-digit counter to count from 000 to 999 is exactly the same as that taken by the paper stylus to travel from zero to the maximum reading for the range in use. The counter output is therefore directly related to depth. When the chart recorder is switched off, the digital processing section and the transmitter are triggered from the processor trigger pulse generator circuit.

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