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By Willard Price

Hal and Roger Hunt crash-land into the center of a pioneering day trip to the unmapped areas of the best jungle in the world: the Amazon. And whilst their project to discover the uncharted territory of the Pastaza River is going off course... it's the survival of the fittest.

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Even if by some miracle the Outlanders had agreed to help him, they would have refused to accept the kelar protection necessary—they didn’t believe kelar existed. It was a pity there was no non-fatal way to prove to them otherwise. He thought of the man who had spoken to him last, the greyhaired man. There had almost been a belief in him—belief in the ways of the Hills, that Corlath had read in his face; they might have been able to speak together. That man spoke the Hill tongue understandably at least—although he may not have known quite what he was offering in his few words of the Old Tongue.

There aren’t many of us who do. I’m one—you must have guessed that I love the desert. This desert. Even in winter, and the three weeks of jungle after the rain stops and before the sun gets a good hold again. Quite a lot of my griping about being the oldest colonel still active is noise only; I know that if they promoted me they’d almost certainly promote me away from here—to one of the more civilized parts of this uncivilized land. ” He paused. ” He frowned a little, studying her face. “I don’t know whether to say you’re very fortunate or very unfortunate.

The colonel stood up, and Richard promptly took his place behind him. Sir Charles was still pacing about the room, cup in hand, as the ladies prepared to leave. “My apologies for spoiling your morning to no purpose,” said Colonel Dedham. “I daresay he will arrive sometime and we will deal with him, but I don’t think you need put yourselves out. His message said merely that he desired an audience with the Homelander District Commissioner—not quite his phrase, but that’s the idea—and the general in command of the fort.

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