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Download Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Manual - ARRL PDF

Read or Download Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Manual - ARRL PDF

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Who is calling me? What is my signal strength? (1-5) Are my signals fading? Is my keying defective? QSP QSV QSW QSX QSY QSZ QTA QTB QTC QTH QTR QTV QTX QUA Page 56 Shall I send ........ messages at a time? Can you work breakin? Can you acknowledge receipt? Shall I repeat the last message sent? Can you communicate with .............. direct? Will you relay to ......... Shall I send a series of V's? Will you transmit on ......... Will you listen for ....... on ......... Shall I change frequency?

Single letter(s) to follow. Repeat; I say again. ) Go ahead; over; reply expected. ) Negative; incorrect; no more. ) Number. ) Preamble (first part of message)....... Read back. ) Roger; point. ) Thank you. ) ...... Speak slower. Speak faster. 16” 156 MPH + 18 ft + Damage Minimal. Primarily to trees, foliage, and unanchored mobile homes. No real damage to other structures. Some small craft may be torn from moorings. Moderate, some trees blown down. Some window, door and roofing damage. Small craft torn from moorings in unprotected anchorages.

How is my tone? (1-3) What is my signal intelligibility? (1-5) Are you busy? Is my transmission being interfered with? Are you troubled by static? Shall I increase transmitter power? Shall I decrease transmitter power? Shall I send faster? Shall I send slower? Shall I stop sending? Have you anything for me? (Answer in negative) Are you ready? Shall I tell ........ you're calling him? When will you call again? Who is calling me? What is my signal strength? (1-5) Are my signals fading? Is my keying defective?

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