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Download Alan Turing: Computing Genius and Wartime Code Breaker by Harry Henderson PDF

By Harry Henderson

This paintings offers the existence and memorable accomplishments of a favourite 20th-century scientist whose extraordinary contributions to his box have garnered around the world appreciate and popularity.

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Turing studied under both George Hardy and Eddington, and he soaked up the richness of the school’s science culture, thriving on it. He would soon make his mark at King’s College. However, it would not come all that easily. Strangely, when Alan took part 1 of the Tripos (the first part of the final exam) in 1932, his results were embarrassingly poor. As had happened before, at Hazelhurst and Sherborne, he was more concerned about doing well on the more advanced part 2, section A, and the even more challenging and exciting section B (later part 3), even though those exams were still a couple of years away.

Many of them stopped by Cambridge to give lectures and courses before traveling on, and some of them chose to stay. This wave of flight from the rising tide of totalitarianism brought the mathematics issues of the day right to Turing’s doorstep. The graceful towers of one of Britain’s two greatest universities (the other being Oxford) gave shelter, and in turn, the students in Turing’s class inherited a giant intellectual legacy—from the best of the best of European universities. It was the perfect opportunity to become exposed to cutting-edge science and math.

He would tackle the decision problem essentially by translating it into an equivalent problem, that of computability. The computability problem can be stated like this: Given an algorithm, or step-by-step procedure for solving a numeric problem, can it be shown that the procedure will work for any appropriate numbers fed into it? ” can be easily resolved simply by performing the division and seeing if there is a remainder. A harder problem is determining whether a given number is prime—that is, divisible only by itself and 1.

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