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By David Mondey

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First Amongst KLMinl953. The 'Connie' is typical of the final stage of development of the long-range piston-engined transports that preceded the fleets Providing safe and comfortable travel, the combined of piston-engined types, which included also the Boeing 377, Douglas jet age. 1649A Starliner, a million passengers across the Atlantic in their last full year of operations. ''—;-''';vv>''M;^y t> IB^ ^JlU^i *^ ^.

Breath- Not only were they very by comparison with piston-engined but their take-otf and landing techniques were \ ery different. For basic training, the \eteran Tif;er Moth had been replaced at first by the Hunting Perci\al I'rmiisl. With this more powerful trainer the RAF initiated what became known as the Provostj fast, fighters, I umpire training sequence. When somewhat revised Jet Prtffost{3l above)becamea\ailable, RAF a Flying Training 28 Command began an ex- periment, in August 1955, to see whether piston-engined or jet-engined basic trainers were the best approach to flying turbine-powered fighter aircraft.

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