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By Willard Price

Hal and Roger Hunt are at the path of a vicious man-eating leopard. but also they are being hunted themselves, through a cruel band of killers often called the Leopard Society. Can they belief their very own tracker, Joro, regardless of understanding that he has pledged to guide them to their deaths?

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viking: king's man

It really is Constantinople in 1035, and Thorgils has join the Varangian lifeguard, the place he witnesses the glories of the richest urban on the earth.  He embarks on a crusade introduced to get well Sicily from the Saracens. After years of touring, Thorgils retreats to Sweden, yet is finally summoned back to aid in coordinating William the Conqueror’s invasion of britain.

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"She" is Ayesha, the mysterious white queen of a imperative African Tribe-and the aim of 3 English gents, who needs to face shipwreck, fever, and cannibals of their quest to discover her hidden realm. First released in 1887, She has enthralled the imaginations of many-from Freud, who prescribed the publication to at least one of his sufferers, to the generations of readers, who stay thinking about the book's revealing and awesome representations of risky girls, adventuring males, and unexplored Africa.



Une nouvelle aventure de Robert Langdon, héros du Da Vinci Code, autour du roman mythique : L enfer de Dante.

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Cooper gave a brief laugh, then gestured at the drunks in the yard. ” The Lieutenant had a slash of a scar on his left cheek that gave him a broodingly savage face. ” Cooper did not much care what the French did. At this moment he cared about a drunken girl who lay in the yard’s corner. “Pity to kill her, sir. ” Cooper stooped to pull open the girl’s bodice to reveal her breasts. She stirred in the cold air, but did not waken. Her hair was stained with vomit, her dress with wine, yet she was a pretty girl.

A seventeen-year-old Lieutenant was caught by two Dragoons. The first blinded him with a slashing backstroke, the second stabbed into his chest. Still the horsemen came. Their horses stank with saddlesores because they had been ridden too hard, but they had been trained to this work. A Rifleman’s cheek Was flensed from his face and his mouth bubbled with blood and saliva. The French grunted as they hacked. This was a cavalryman’s paradise; broken infantry and firm ground. The new Lieutenant still shouted as he climbed.

We’ll work our way east,” Murray said calmly. ” A morose swearword sounded from the big Irishman and the two officers glanced down the valley to see the British cavalry at last appear in the drizzle. The chasseur saw them at the same time, and the French trumpet called the Dragoons into order. The British, seeing the enemy’s preparedness, and finding no sign of infantry, withdrew. The Riflemen on the cloud’s edge jeered at their retreating cavalry. Murray whipped round. ” But the jeer had drawn the attention of the dismounted Dragoons on the slope below, and they believed the mocking sound had been aimed at them.

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