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By Jay S. Rosenblatt, Robert A. Hinde, Colin Beer, Marie-Claire Busnel (Eds.)

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There is an unfortunate tendency in recent years to think of all social influences in terms of manipulation. Such anthropomorphism is seldom justified. The use of manipulation as an explanatory concept tends to obscure the crucial role of environmental influences. It is more accurate in considering the role of communication in restricting E , to think in terms of social influence “tipping the motivational balance” (Brown, 1975, p. 290) than in terms of social manipulation (Alexander, 1974). Consequently, I suggest that we should conceive of these matters in terms of social and environmental injluences on E , and in terms of variance utilization and variance enhancement.

Genes in this complex control the helper cells, killer cells, suppressor cells, and others that mediate parts of the immune response (Matzinger, 1981). , 1978; Andrews and Boyse, 1978). Mice of one MHC genotype can discriminate mice of another MHC genotype and behave accordingly. This ability seems to be used by males in choosing between females. Males prefer females of a different MHC genotype (usually termed a haplotype) and can discriminate haplotypes by their urine (Yamaguchi e? , 1982). , 1980).

Wynne-Edwards, V . C. (1962). “ Oliver & Boyd. Edinburgh. Yamaguchi. , and Boyse. E. A. (1978). Mating preference tests with the recombinant congenic strain BALB HTC. IrnrnunoKentics 6, 261-264. , Yamazaki, K . , Beauchamp, G. , Bard, J . , Thomas, L.. and Boyse, E. A. (198 I ) . Distinctive urinary odor governed by the major histocompatibility locus of the mouse. Proc. Narl. Acad. Sci. A. 78, 5817-5820. Yamazaki, K.. Boyse, E. A , . Mike. V . Thaler. H. T . , Mathieson, B. J . , Abbott, J . Boyse, J .

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