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Download Academic Films for the Classroom. A History by Geoff Alexander PDF

By Geoff Alexander

Exploring a realm of movie frequently brushed aside as campy or contrived, this e-book lines the background of school room academic motion pictures from the silent period during the Eighties, whilst movie ultimately started to lose flooring to video-based and electronic media. It profiles 35 person educational filmmakers who performed a task in bringing those approximately 110,000 16mm movies to school rooms throughout North the United States, paying specific consciousness to auteur John Barnes and his principally overlooked physique of labor. different themes contain: the construction businesses contributing to the expansion and improvement of the tutorial movie style; the advanced background of post-Sputnik, federally-funded academic tasks which motivated the expansion of the educational movie style; and the denouement of the style in study rooms and its resurgence on the net.

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MR . 43 Mitchell, it can be surmised, did not want to scare the Senate at that delicate moment, refusing to suggest the scaled-up, realistic amounts of money it would cost to adequately One. The Formative Years of Educational Film 25 outfit every school and school district with films and equipment. Convincing them of the need came first. He and his colleagues continued to work diligently to advocate legislation that successfully freed millions of dollars in public funds for school film libraries. One significant result of this largesse would be an increase in the number of young filmmakers who would soon help create a revolution in academic film.

Over lunch at the Chicago Club on December 9, 1941, Benton asked General Wood if, rather than paying a hefty tax bill resulting from a year of formidable profits, he might be willing instead to donate the Encyclopædia outright to the University as a tax write-off. ”30 Benton’s patience during those two minutes of silence while Wood deliberated ultimately resulted in the acquisition of the Encyclopædia by the University, but it would take almost a year to ratify this transaction with the trustees of the University and would also require $100,000 of Benton’s own money in working capital, which Benton traded for two-thirds of the stock of the venture.

So intrigued Benton that, on the heels of the Rockefeller disappointment, he attempted to convince his friend, Life magazine publisher Henry Luce, to add educational films to his publishing empire. Luce’s treasurer, however, generated a report stating that educational films were a “dead end,” abruptly terminating the discussion. Undaunted, Benton refused to let his passion for educational film disappear. Benton and Hutchins formed a close working relationship with General Robert E. Wood, World War I hero and chairman of the board of Sears, Roebuck and Company, among whose properties was the venerated Encyclopædia Britannica.

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