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Download A Time to Slaughter (The Brothers O'Brien, Book 4) by William W. Johnstone PDF

By William W. Johnstone

An epic saga of the O'Briens, father Shamus and his sons Shawn, Patrick, Jacob, and Samuel, homesteaders battling to outlive the untamed Western wilderness... A USA Today bestselling writer whose novels ring with authenticity and power... an exhilarating event around the border of Mexico—up opposed to an enemy extra robust and lethal than any the O'Briens may well ever envision...

New Mexico Territory is not any stranger to undesirable males. yet south of the border, at the wild Mexican sea coast, is one other form of depraved: a murderous Arab with a boat choked with stolen women—to be offered as intercourse slaves within the 4 corners of the area. between them is a lacking neighborhood university instructor Shawn O'Brien has been looking for—a lady with a previous she's saved rigorously hidden. Now Shawn, besides a half-mad endure hunter and a pro hangman struggle their solution to the coast for a blood-soaked conflict among the slavers and the U.S. military. whilst the motion runs aground, O'Brien will get his probability: to stand down an Arab sheik who earnings from human misery... and makes a game of slaughter...

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