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By Pino Longchild

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Therefore I would like you to familiarise yourself with Culpeper’s work. htm. The work is vast and because of this I would suggest that the areas studied are the sections on the Governance and Virtues of herbs, generally found at the end of each section on a particular plant. You need not study all the herbs in the book. Just pick between ten or twenty that you are drawn to and would like to get to know better. It may well be that you already use the herbs you have chosen in magickal practice, so much the better as Culpeper’s work will expand your knowledge base about them.

Bitter Herbs 2. Astringent Herbs 3. Nutritive Herbs Of course, these categories can overlap, so, for example, it is possible for an herb to be both bitter and nutrititive. Bitter Herbs Bitter herbs include alkaloids, phenols and saponins. This group of plants is especially useful in aiding the dissolution, liquefaction and expulsion of poisonous substances from the body. Laxatives and diuretics including senna, cascara, dandelion and juniper are to be found in this category. Also painkillers, such as white willow bark and herbs with antibiotic properties, including echinacea and golden seal, belong here.

4] For an explanation of this symbol you can do no better in print than Lon Milo DuQuette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, Weiser, 2003, pp. 38-57. [5] The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapters 13, verses 31 and 32, The Bible, King James Version. [6] I have been unable to find the origin of such correspondences but on many wedding sites on the Internet plants are listed along with their qualities and also appear in many modern herbal works. html and W. B. Crow, The Occult Properties of Herbs and Plants, Aquarian Press 1980, p.

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