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By Yuri Rytkheu

“Rarely has humanity’s courting to nature been so fantastically and vividly depicted. A Dream in Polar Fog is either dependent and interesting and likewise serves as a residing anthropology of a long gone global. It accomplishes every thing a singular should.”––Neal Pollack

A Dream in Polar Fog is without delay a cross-cultural trip, an ethnographic chronicle of the Chukchi humans, and a politically and emotionally charged Arctic event story.

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The shaman-woman’s face was covered in perspiration. Sometimes she would wipe the sweat from her forehead with an elbow and sniff impatiently. Having finished with one hand, she moved on to the other. And then what everyone was dreading happened: John became conscious. At first he looked up, surprised, at the shaman-woman who was bent over him with her knife. Then, his face twisted in a grimace of horror and revulsion, he let out an awful scream and thrashed under her hand. “Hold him,” Kelena shouted.

They rolled down his feverish cheek, calling up an overwhelming feeling of bitterness and irreparable damage. He had never been so helpless. Perhaps only somewhere in the foggy deep of childhood, in a life lost forever. Still, it was not the life he’d already lived that he grieved for, but that he’d never go home, never appear on the doorstep as the conqueror of polar seas. All the joys of the world will be for those who, at that moment, haven’t an inkling of death. They will belong to Hugh Grover, his friend, the only one, maybe, who is hoping for his return.

John asked for Kelena to be called in. The old woman arrived, and sat herself down across from John. “Let her choose what she likes best,” John said. Orvo translated. Kelena looked at the white man intently, and reached out to stroke the fair hair. “You’ll give me what you think fit,” said Kelena. “I’m not paid for my efforts, since a human life isn’t to be bought or paid for. It’s there, or else it’s not. There is no other way about it. Each person has got to save the life of another. Though, what kind of person are you!

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