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By Christopher Cloud

Pablo Perez is a 12-year-old child with out a lot going for him. His classmates have dubbed him “Duct Tape” simply because his tattered discount-store shoes are held jointly with…you guessed it, duct tape. He can’t get away the bullying.

Pablo’s good fortune adjustments after he unearths a $20 gold coin whereas swimming along with his sister in a river close to their domestic. Pablo later buys a $1 treasure map on the county reasonable. The map indicates the path to the “lost treasure” of the infamous outlaw Jesse James. Pablo can’t support yet ask yourself: Is there a hyperlink among the map and the gold coin?

He is decided to determine, and he, his 9-year-old sister, Pia, and 13-year-old cousin, Kiki, rent an ill-mannered cave consultant, Monroe Huff, and start a treacherous underground experience looking for treasure. Their treasure hunt is made extra perilous simply because they're being via the evil Blood brothers, who wish the treasure for themselves. The Blood brothers will cease at not anything to say the treasure as their very own.

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D. Evans, New York: Rodopi, pp. 75-86. Whitehead, Alfred North. (1925) Science and the Modern World. New York: The Free Press, 1967. ———. (1929) The Aims of Education and Other Essays. New York: The Free Press, 1967. ———. (1941) Essays in Science and Philosophy. New York: Philosophical Library, 1948. Three HELICAL LEARNING George Allan 1. Line, Circle, Helix In discussing the three stages in Whitehead’s theory of the rhythm of education, our tendency is to focus on the inadequacy of pedagogies that emphasize precision at the expense of romance.

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