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Download 47 Things Teens Can Do for the Environment by Lexi Petronis, Jill Buck PDF

By Lexi Petronis, Jill Buck

  definite, all of us know the planet is in hassle. We listen speak forever approximately weather swap, pollution from vehicles, oil spills into oceans, trash overflowing into waterways, and poisonous chemical compounds leaking into our groundwater. Sigh. however the excellent news is there is a lot we will be able to do to begin cleansing up the Earth. And it begins with you!

This e-book explores lots of small (and massive) issues that children can do to make a good distinction within the setting such as:

• move on a eco-friendly date with a brand new crush

• devour much less meat

• learn how to store vintage

• create an environmental activity strength at school

• pass on an eco-adventure

• and more!

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